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Questions to ask before transferring your funds

In November 2020, Cred, a crypto lending company filed for bankruptcy. They had been offering customers 4–10% APY on their crypto deposits, then suddenly, it was gone.

Cred suffered from a series of missteps that led to losses of $80–90 million of depositor’s funds. They had lent to a fraudulent fund, Quantcoin, and engaged in a series of risky loans in China by providing funds for derivatives traders, further they had lost customer money through a hack at a third party wallet provider.

Despite all of this bad press, the crypto lending industry continues to grow.

Get Cash without Selling Crypto

In a world of…

Happy to see someone calls out the US for defaulting on debt. Gold confiscation and obliteration of the gold clauses in the 1930's as well as suspension of the exchange in 1971 means that promises to repay debt were not met, ergo de facto default.

The price keeps going up, but you haven’t missed out yet!

Bitcoin’s meteoric price rise may make it feel like you’ve missed out — it has gone too far, too fast. It may feel that way, but that’s not the case and there are dozens of companies out there making it easier than ever to take part in the crypto economy. Further, with it becoming more expensive to get, a lot of people are worried about losing money with Bitcoin.

This is entirely understandable. The volatility is hard to stomach!

Below, I lay out four services you can sign up for to get Bitcoin for free. You can get it in…

Use Dash and PythonAnywhere to get up and running fast

Building and running a Dash app in Python on your local machine isn’t too tough — deploying it so the world can use it, well…that’s a bit more challenging.

I’ve played with AWS, Azure, Google, and other cloud providers, but I find PythonAnywhere’s service to be the fastest and easiest way to go from local app to web app.

We walk through building a multi-page app in Dash and deploying it to PythonAnywhere for hosting.

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PythonAnywhere provides web-based Python environments allowing you to develop in your browser, run notebooks, or deploy and host web apps. The pricing is transparent, easy…

BlockFi, Fold, and Gemini — how can you maximize your stack of Sats?

Those airline miles you’ve been saving up on your credit cards didn’t pan out so well in 2020 with governments around the world restricting visas, closing airports, and outright banning travel. Rather than continuing to swipe and collect rewards that may never be redeemed, it might be time to look at some of the newest credit card offerings on the market: Bitcoin rewards cards.

There are currently three major cards on the market — or about to come on the market — offered by BlockFi, Fold, and Gemini. …

I learned a lot more than just how to be a better data scientist

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One year ago, I published my first Medium article — a deep dive into the mathematics behind deep learning. I thought it was pretty good: written in a conversational tone with examples and clear explanations on a topic of relevance to most data scientists. It even got picked up right away by the Analytics Vidhya publication giving me more confidence that I was off to building a nice audience on this platform.

One year later, this first article has amassed 225 views and earned me a solid $0.56.

Thankfully, my writing didn’t end there.

My next article hit got over…

Using Ray and DFO to optimize a multi-echelon supply chain

What has set Amazon apart from the competition in online retail? Their supply chain. In fact, this has long been one of the greatest strengths of one of their chief competitors, Walmart.

Supply chains are highly complex systems consisting of hundreds if not thousands of manufacturers and logistics carriers around the world who combine resources to create the products we use and consume every day. To track all of the inputs to a single, simple product would be staggering. Yet supply chain organizations inside vertically integrated corporations are tasked with managing inputs from raw materials, to manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution…

Parametric actions to improve reinforcement learning

RL algorithms learn via trial and error. The agent searches the state space early on and takes random actions to learn what leads to a good reward. Pretty straightforward.

Unfortunately, this isn’t terribly efficient, especially if we already know something about what makes a good vs. bad action in some states. Thankfully, we can use action masking — a simple technique that sets the probability of bad actions to 0 — to speed learning and improve our policies.


We enforce constraints via action masking for a knapsack packing environment and show how to do this using RLlib.

Enforcing Constraints

Let’s use the…

Qualified Immunity Serves as a Legal Shield for Police Abuse

It’s 1871, race tensions remain high, particularly in the south during reconstruction. The recently formed Ku Klux Klan began terrorizing freed slaves and their allies through assassination and intimidation. Klan groups spread to such an extent that president Grant signed multiple Enforcement Acts to provide new federal powers to target the Klan and eventually bring about its demise.

The Third Enforcement Act of 1871 remains relevant for today (Section 1983), as it explicitly provides legal redress against anyone who deprives another person of their rights. …

Why we need deflation now

The world is well into the age of inflation — the 50-year experiment in radical fiscal and monetary policies that have guaranteed rising prices and led to an exacerbation in inequality and indebtedness.

The response to the current crises has only led to radically greater debt loads and money printing in order to stave off the specter of deflation.

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